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Erdjan Emourlov

Comprehensive and easy to foll

Comprehensive and easy to follow advices.


I like very much smirnof cours

I like very much smirnof courses. Their explanations are easy to learn and to understand.

Dimitry Timoshenko

An extremely comprehensive set

An extremely comprehensive set that is worth, when put all together, over ten times the price it is listed for on this site. Buy this package and you will likely never need to buy any other Chess Instructional DVD Set... ever!


All Chess Courses By Gm Igor Smirnov - Huge Discount

The Ultimate Chess Course Collection by GM Igor Smirnov

All Chess Courses By Gm Igor Smirnov - Huge Discount
All Chess Courses By Gm Igor Smirnov – Huge Discount

If you want to take your chess level to master level, no matter what your current level is, then we have exactly what you need.

Ukrainian GM Igor Smirnov has produced one of the greatest collections of chess lessons.

He has developed his own training method based on his knowledge of human psychology and his understanding of the human brain’s learning process.

This exhaustive chess course collection includes 25 courses strategically designed to help beginners, intermediate and advanced chess players.

You can now buy ALL the courses together, with a HUGE discount!


These products work natively on computers with Windows. If you would like to use it on a Mac you will either need to install Bootcamp with a copy of Windows or run the software using a Windows virtual box such as Parallels or VMWare.

All Chess Courses By Gm Igor Smirnov - Huge Discount
All Chess Courses By Gm Igor Smirnov – Huge Discount

About the Author:

Igor Smirnov is an International Grandmaster from Ukraine.

He is also a chess coach and holds a Master’s degree in Psychology.

GM Smirnov has developed numerous chess lessons, articles, webinars and training courses, including the famous courses that have helped many players of all levels improve their chess skills.

Is this Course for me?

This massive chess course collection has been strategically designed to help players of all levels overcome their barriers.

  • If you are a beginner, you’ll be able to learn the basic principles of chess that set professional players apart from novice players.
  • If you are an intermediate player, you will come to understand the principles that advanced players are using to dominate.
  • If you are already an advanced player, you’ll be able to master all concepts of advanced chess strategy, how to make the most practical decisions, and start on your way to becoming a master.

This collection includes 13 volumes with incredible chess lessons for players of all levels. Study the game seriously and you will be impressed by the progress you’ll start to show in a very short period of time.

This chess course contains not only the author’s experience but also experiences from a lot of his colleagues and friends: grandmasters, trainers and other chess players, who helped the author perfect each course.

Some of the skills you will able to develop:

All Chess Courses By Gm Igor Smirnov - Huge DiscountTurn the ‘principle of 2 weaknesses’ into your favorite winning technique, using the stellar examples of endgame maestro Anatoly Karpov!

Perfect timing.

Patiently place your pieces and, when the moment is right, unleash lightning strikes like Kasparov’s Bxh5!! (see diagram; open the g-file, exchange a pair of rooks then e6+! wins!)

Secrets of the pawn majority.

You have 3 pawns vs. 2 on the queenside; your rival has 4 vs. 3 on the kingside. Who is better? How to continue? IM Givon reveals all of the plans!

The course contains a lot of recommendations, which are all practical examples that have seen success in real play.

The effectiveness of the author’s teaching system has been proven by his own progress, and by the results from a lot of his students.

Mikhail’s Tal Magic Revealed – GM Igor Smirnov & Mato Jelic

This course will help you learn exactly how you can follow the same techniques as Tal in order to create crushing attacks against your opponents.

Tal was widely regarded as a creative genius, and he was a daring player who was never afraid to sacrifice a piece if the attack called for it.

He was unpredictable, and his attacking combinations have impressed and inspired players ever since. Tal’s approach was that “chess, first of all, is art.”

How to Exchange Pieces Like a Pro

All Chess Courses By Gm Igor Smirnov - Huge DiscountKnowing which pieces to keep and which to exchange is one of the most important skills in chess. Less experienced players often think exchanging means to swap pieces of equal value and fail to take strategic factors into account.

Of course, you have to keep the material balance in mind but it is crucial to realize how exchanges affect the position.

In these chess lessons, IM Asaf Givon explains how to make decisions in exchanging the pieces, how to isolate the opponent’s bad pieces and how to create weaknesses.

This technical skill of expertly exchanging pieces is one of the best-kept secrets of master play. Masters know when a bishop is better and when a knight is better — and they trade them accordingly.

Mastering Piece Coordination and Planning

All Chess Courses By Gm Igor Smirnov - Huge DiscountIn chess, it is important to place your pieces on active squares, to coordinate them and to find an active plan. In this course, you’ll learn how to play effectively with your pieces.

IM Valeri Lilov teaches you the key principles of piece coordination and activity, as well as some of the most valuable things that people often don’t realize about planning in chess.

You’ll learn to calculate the value of your opponent’s pieces based on their placement and potential. The idea of the opponent’s pieces is very important because you need to understand what they can do in order to combat them!

After watching these chess lessons, you’ll be able to find good squares for your pieces, detect the weaknesses in your opponent’s position, understand the game stages better and find the correct area of the board to attack.

If you’ve seen any of GM Smirnov’s courses before you’ll know they are completely unique: you get a custom-built computer program integrating video lessons, interactive games, and positions, and practical tests to cement your new knowledge in your long-term memory.

Enjoy your chess course with one of the best coaches ever! 

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