Chess Strategy (21)

Remember. ‘Strategy’ doesn’t mean ‘positional’.

While there are some fascinating positional games in these courses, you also get to work on your attacking strategies and sharpen your ability to evaluate double-edged positions.

GM Lemos has selected 7 games, each one packed with valuable learning points – and you probably haven’t seen any of them before.

While you can always learn new things from games, these presenters will give you the absolute biggest power-up possible.

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  • chessmood dvd product image

    100 Must-Know Classical Chess Games - GM Avetik Grigoryan

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  • imc chess lessons gm amanov product image1

    GM Mesgen Amanov - Chess Lessons - Volume 1

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  • mesgen amanov chess lessons volume 2

    GM Mesgen Amanov – Chess Lessons – Volume 2

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  • positional mastery

    Positional Mastery of Magnus Carlsen with GM Davorin Kuljasevic

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  • boleslavsky pawn structure

    Boleslavsky Pawn Structure - GM Igor Smirnov

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  • gm mesgen amanov chess lessons volume 3

    GM Mesgen Amanov – Chess Lessons – Volume 3

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  • bootcamp expert in 15 days

    Expert in 15 Days Bootcamp with IM Milovan Ratkovic

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  • elshan course

    Fundamentals of Chess Evaluation - GM Elshan Moradiabadi

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  • Positional Play Secrets With Gm Ibro Saric

    Positional Play Secrets with GM Ibro Saric

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