Attacking Chess (16)

Attacking is the most fun part of chess! Discover the secrets of attacking chess with this collection of chess courses from some of the top presenters in the world!

Get the best chess training from renowned coaches such as Susan Polgar, Daniel King, Roman Dzindzichashvili, Damian Lemos, Daniel Naroditsky, Bryan Smith, and more!

Every aspect of the attack is studied, from typical sacrifices to the positional attack, from pawn storms to powerful piece formations.

If you want to break through your rivals’ stubborn defense with spectacular attacks that live long in the memory, these courses are what you were waiting for.

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  • Attacking Chess Mega Bundle – Gm Larry Christiansen

    Attacking Chess Mega Bundle - GM Larry Christiansen

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  • chessmood dvd product image

    100 Must-Know Classical Chess Games - GM Avetik Grigoryan

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  • keaton kiewra bundle product image

    How to Build a Million Dollar Attack! - IM Keaton Kiewra

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  • attacking masterclass im kolosowski

    Attacking Masterclass with IM Mat Kolosowski

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  • attacking mastermind cover

    Attacking Mastermind with GM Bryan Smith

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  • Mikhail’s Tal Magic Revealed – Gm Igor Smirnov & Mato Jelic

    Mikhail's Tal Magic Revealed - GM Igor Smirnov & Mato Jelic

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  • The Art Of Attacking Chess – Gm Sipke Ernst

    The Art Of Attacking Chess - GM Sipke Ernst

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