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    A win by an unsound combination, however showy, fills me with artistic horror - Wilhelm Steinitz

    Grandmaster's Openings Laboratory 2 + Bonus Pack

    Grandmaster's Openings Laboratory 2 + Bonus Pack
    software_requires_windowsWhat determines your WIN/LOSS in a chess game?Whether or not you win or lose is determined by your opening preparation, your middlegame skills, and your endgame technique. At the same time, the opening phase is MORE important because if you don’t play it well, you will lose sooner than you can demonstrate your middlegame/endgame skills. How do you play an opening properly? In order to play the opening properly, a lot of people believe that one should just study a Read more ...
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    The winner of the game is the player who makes the next-to-last mistake - Savielly Tartakover