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Want to play chess face to face with your friends or chess club buddies? Here you can find the best chess equipment available. Chess clocks, chess sets, chess pieces, chess bags or complete chess kits, you name it.

Just browse this page, discover the chess equipment available in our store, find exactly what you want and place your order (lowest price guarantee!).

And if you have any questions we will be happy to answer them anytime.

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Chess Clocks

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Looking for an amazing, elegant, top-notch digital chess clock? Or maybe a less pricey mechanic one will do for you? Either way, in our store you will find that chess clock that will make your blitz or rapid experience memorable.

Here you can find a wide variety of chess clocks from $49.50 to $115.

Chess Boards

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Maybe you want it to train. Maybe you want it to play. Doesn’t matter. You deserve to own a classy wooden chess board. These high-quality boards come in maple/mahogany and maple/walnut colors for you to choose from.

Pick here your favorite chess board. Prices go from $79.50 to $137.

Chess Pieces

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From beautiful, hand-carved wooden chess pieces to solid full tournament-sized plastic sets, you have many options available. One thing is certain: in our store you will find the chess pieces that better fit your style (and your pocket).

Click here and choose one of the five different chess pieces sets we have for you. Prices go from $45 to $137.

Chess Sets (Pieces and Board)

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If you are interested in getting the full chess set, with board and pieces, you are also in luck. We have several different options available, some of those even include a luxurious box and/or bag to carry the set anywhere.

Browse this page and find complete chess sets between $98.99 and $266.50.

Chess Bags

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We offer unique chess bags, suitable for carrying and protecting your chess boards, pieces and clocks. All of these bags shield your chess sets from scratches, dirt, water, bumps, anything. Your chess materials will become untouchable!

Choose your chess bag here. Prices go from $36.50 to $80.99.

Chess Demonstration Sets

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A chess demonstration set is the best way to analyze games with your students or even your friends. The pieces and positions are easy to see from a distance. It can be set or hung up absolutely everywhere! Pouch or magnetic-style. It’s up to you!

Find the chess demonstration set that better meets your needs here. Between $43.99 and $73.99.

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Scholastic Chess Kits

These 4 in 1 scholastic chess kits are the dream of any chess teacher! You get chess boards, pieces, bags and demonstration sets that will help you get your scholastic chess club up and running!

Click here to see the options. Prices go from $117 to $189.