World Chess Championship 2018 Game 2: Black Is Still Ok

After the first game of the World Chess Championship 2018, it was not clear which of the two players started with a psychological edge in the second game.

In game 1, Caruana had great difficulties with the White pieces and reached a losing position, but Carlsen was not able to convert it into a full point,

In one hand, it must have been very hard for Caruana to almost lose his first-ever World Championship game with the White pieces. His play in the middlegame was not so impressive.

On the other hand, Magnus Carlsen had several good opportunities to seal the deal in this game but did not manage to do it. He then pressed a risk-free endgame for a long time, but Fabiano Caruana held the position without too much difficulty. Overall, Carlsen missed a big chance to take the lead early on in this match.

In the second game, Magnus had the White pieces and the chance to put pressure on Fabiano Caruana. Yet, the game ended peacefully with a draw in 49 moves.

While Fabiano had problems with the White pieces in the first game, it was again the White player who did not look comfortable in the opening. Fabiano was well prepared and came up with a relatively rarely played move as early as move 10.

Magnus did not find a way to put pressure on Black and soon bailed out for a slightly worse endgame which he managed to hold without difficulties.

Let’s take a look at the game:

Carlsen, Magnus (2835) – Caruana, Fabiano (2832): World Chess Championship – Game 2 (London 2018)

This Sunday is the first rest day for the players and the next round is on Monday.

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