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FREE WEBINAR: How To Choose a Chess Opening – IM Valeri Lilov

Chess openings are a regular topic of discussion. While they are arguably not the most important phase, they do shape the course of the rest of the game. But there are a large number of chess openings, so many possible first moves, that it begs the question: what opening should you choose?

Picking the correct opening is one of the most important decisions you will need to make in your chess career. After all, there is no point starting the game with an opening that leads you into a position that you find difficult and uncomfortable.

In this free webinar from IM Valeri Lilov, you will learn:

  • How to pick an opening that suits you and your playing style
  • Tips on how to learn an opening and build your repertoire
  • What to do when your opponent plays a move you aren’t expecting in the opening

One thing is key to improving at chess openings – pick only a few and stick with them. It is far better to be a master in few openings rather than weak in many. You should consider an opening as White, an opening to play as Black against 1. e4 and an opening to play as Black against 1. d4.

The more you play these openings, the more familiar you’ll get with them and the better you’ll play them, remembering the core ideas from experience. You’ll learn from your mistakes, and you’ll build up a natural intuitive feel for where your pieces are best placed even when your opponent strays from the main lines.

On top of that, the opening is a tool to reach middlegame positions, and endgame positions, that you are comfortable with. The more you play these middlegame positions, the easier they will become, and the more you’ll be able to create plans that can convert the game into a win.

Make sure to tune in to IM Valeri on Saturday 12th May at Noon EST (5 PM UK)!

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