Playing with Opposite-Colored Bishops, Part 3 – GM Mihail Marin (iChess Club)

In our continuing series about opposite-colored bishops, part 3 poses the question: to simplify or not to simplify? Once again, GM Mihail Marin has some sound advice to share on the topic.

A position taken from the first example in the video by GM Mihail Marin on Opposite-Colored bishops part 3.
What move would you play as Black?

Offering to simplify is important for both sides: the defender and the player with a material advantage.

A single tempo or the smallest change in the position can make a big difference. Learn when to simplify and when not to simplify.

What move would you play in this position with black?

See if you got it right by watching this exclusive iChess Club video from Grandmaster Mihail Marin.

And if you missed the first two episodes, you can find them here:

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