Playing With Opposite-Colored Bishops, Part 4 – GM Mihail Marin (iChess Club)

One essential fact to remember when considering whether to simplify into an endgame with bishops of opposite-color: they don’t all end in draws!

Assumptions like this can lead to a loss. To understand when exchanges work in your favor, you need to understand endgames.

There is no substitute for putting in the hard work. iChess Club members can make this hard work a little easier by learning from top GMs like GM Mihail Marin.

As usual, when considering exchanges in any phase of the game, it’s vital to assess the resulting structure. In this video, you will learn how two weaknesses spread far apart are usually impossible to defend.

VECO Opposite Color Bishops Part 4
Black played …Re6 thinking to simplify into a drawn bishop of opposite-color endgame. In this exclusive iChess Club video GM Mihail Marin demonstrates why this is a losing decision.

Yes, even in bishops of opposite-color endgames!

Another important endgame technique you must remember is to play it slow. When you have the advantage, it may take several moves and lots of regrouping to win.

You might need to play several moves before your opponent is in zugzwang. The bishop is a long-range piece and can cover a square from a distance.

A bishop on a long diagonal has many squares to move to while preventing a pawn from advancing. One good tactic is to sacrifice a pawn if it places your opponent’s extra pawn on a key square.

We know we can restrict an opponent’s piece by using our pawns, but sometimes we can deny an opponent a critical square with a pawn sacrifice.

Gaining a single tempo or forcing our opponent to take one extra move can often be the difference between a draw and a win.

When studying how to win bishop of opposite-color endgames, pay attention to endgames that end in draws. This knowledge could allow you to hold on to that critical half-point. 

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