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Sinquefield Cup 2018 – A Prelude to the World Championship Match

It was widely believed that when Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana faced off in May at Norway Chess, it would be their last battle before the World Championship Match in November. Magnus won this game convincingly.

However, we’re about to see another fight between the World Champion and his challenger! Earlier this week, Magnus Carlsen accepted the wild card for the most prestigious tournament of the Grand Chess Tour 2018 – the Sinquefield Cup 2018 in Saint Louis. There he will again face Fabiano Caruana, who gets a chance to avenge the painful defeat and show he is ready to fight Magnus for the chess crown.

This image is about Carlsen vs Caruana - Who will win the World Championship Match

The Sinquefield Cup will take place as a 10-player round-robin from 18 – 27 August. As well as Magnus and Fabiano, Mamedyarov, So, MVL, Nakamura, Karjakin, Anand, Aronian and Grischuk also participate, each fighting for a share of the huge $300,000 prize fund.

No Summer Break for Kramnik, Giri & Co.

As the summer gets hotter and hotter, many people are on their vacation and you might think  Super GMs would also be taking this chance to relax. But many are choosing to stay indoors and play at the Sparkassen Chess Meeting in Dortmund, Germany from 14–22 July 2018. The tournament features eight top grandmasters, playing a round robin. You can see the line-up below:

This image features the participants in the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess-Meeting 2018.

Blog Article of The Week

This image is about the question is chess a sport or not.

Is chess a sport? Click here to read the full truth on this fundamental question.

Our blog article of the week deals with a fundamental question for any chess player: Is chess a sport or not? This is a divisive question. Is chess a sport or just a game? Why is it even important?

Apart from  being a matter of pride (some chess players seem to fancy themselves as “athletes” despite having never set foot in a gym), the question “is chess a sport?” has important implications for funding. Several charitable foundations and government grant programs only give financial aid to officially recognized “sports”.

If chess is a sport, it opens the door to much-needed outside assistance for clubs and chess coaching programs. Whenever money is involved, the answer matters. In our article, we take a closer look at all the arguments, one by one.

This Week’s Exclusive FREE Video:

Did you miss the webinar with GingerGM Simon Williams last week? Don’t worry, you can catch up here.

Simon reveals some of the secrets of attacking play, including:

  • How to keep your attack going, even when faced with solid defense.
  • How to prepare and time your attack for maximum chance of success.
  • Powerful techniques from some of Simon’s favorite attacking games.

Last week’s puzzle:

Did you find the winning sequence from last week’s chess puzzle?

This week’s puzzle:

This image shows the chess puzzle from the weekly newsletter.You can find this week’s chess puzzle on the right. It is White to move. Can you spot the winning combination?

Answer next week.


Wolverine says:


Chiu says:

1.Rd4 d1=Q
2.RxQd1 BxRd1
3.g7 Bb3 (this is the only way for black Bishop to capture the pawn at g8 (promoted pawn))
(Fortunately white King is on a2, thus He can capture the Bishop on b3)
5.g8=Q …. (white pawn promoted)

Fernando iChess says:

Take into account that 3…Bg4 is also possible trying to play 4.g8=Q Be6+

Kamal says:

But either the Bishop will be pinned or the g pawn will be promoted much earlier than blacks e ( d) pawn( after QxBe6)

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