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Round 5 – FIDE World Chess Championship – Anand vs Carlsen

In this video Grand Master Damian Lemos analyzes round 5 of the World Chess Championship between Carlsen (White) and Anand ( Black). Magnus opens the game with the English opening ( his previous White games he played the Reti opening, not getting much ). After a couple of moves we get a triangle variation of the Semi-Slav defense. The resulting position is quite unexplored and we get a pre endgame soon where Black seems to have the edge due to his bishop pair. However, Magnus proves Black’s bishop pair is not strong enough. It is just impressive how Magnus got an advantage out of the equal-looking endgame.

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Silja says:

Norway is wild and crazy today. A human error of the reigning world champion Vichy Anand and the age difference would be the reason that Magnus Carlsen took the lead yesterday in match 5. It is now 3-2 and today, game 6 will be played. Anand’ s face is analyzed by experts, trying to read all the possible messages in his minimal facial expressions. One is looking for signs of weakness, pointing out the slightest nuance in the direction of a psychological disadvantage. As the 3-2 win was on an unequal basis, Magnus taking advantage out of an error, not winning an equal battle between the two most super strong players in the world, I think the win in game 5 is a bit overblown. I’m looking forward the real battle, the real meeting between forces. Should age really be so crucial so would probably the Chess Federation discovered it a long time ago and adapted their rules for these conditions. Let the best man win.

Howard Winter says:

The game went from complicated to simple in a few moves. Nothing more sure than pawns on opposite sides of the board. Magnus made it look easy. Whew!

Yes..Magnus won two games starting from simple positions..!

George A says:

Magnus wins by foregoing obvious moves

Rafał says:

Will Carlsen brake 2900 points?

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