5 Ways to Use Lichess for Chess Improvement

lichessThe vast digitalization has reached the deep world of chess! Chess books or magazines are often used for entertainment rather than for training which is quite different to how it was some 20 years ago. Chess training tools like the lichess app and website enjoy high popularity nowadays. Millions of people use them on a daily basis for various purposes.

A good chess training website offers you plenty of advantages like a large playzone, a well-developed chess tactics trainer, maybe the latest news from the chess world or even some video series for training. One of these comfortable websites is lichess.org. Use Lichess for chess improvement whenever and wherever you are. This website provides a chess lover with tons of possibilities to enhance their chess skills in a comfortable way without paying expensive trainers or buying many many books.

In the following article, we will present you with 5 ways to use Lichess analysis tools for chess improvement and shine a light on the great advantages of this chess training website!

Collect Playing Experience by Playing Chess Games on the Lichess App5 Ways To Use Lichess For Chess Improvement

Just like a football player has to train daily or a pianist has to practice his or her compositions regularly, the chess player has to practice as much as possible. The best workout for chess players of any level is to train by doing! Play your own games, analyse them and learn from your mistakes. Good results can only be achieved by gaining personal experience, learning from it through analysis and giving all your newly acquired knowledge a chance in the next game.

Lichess allows you to easily find opponents at your level, no matter whether you are a total beginner or a strong grandmaster, and to play against them. You can choose from a ton of different time controls from 1 minute bullet to 5 minutes blitz to 180 minute games. It is also possible to choose an increment for each move.

Solve Chess Tactics Every Day with Lichess Analysis Tools like the Chess Tactics Trainer5 Ways To Use Lichess For Chess Improvement

The key to chess improvement is pattern recognition. Even if you’ve only got a little time per day to study chess, it’s essential to work on the most important tool which enables you to achieve great results – your brain. As the human brain is inherently forgetful, you need to work on it on a daily basis. Even the best players in the world are doing this repeatedly.

The Chess Tactics Trainer on the Lichess app has a large database containing tactics problems and a collection of puzzles for all the skill levels. If you cannot solve an exercise, the right move is not immediately shown to you, but you get another chance to solve the chess puzzle. Moreover, if you like, you have the possibility to analyze puzzles with Stockfish – the world’s strongest chess engine. By checking the puzzle with the computer, you can also investigate the disadvantages of alternative lines which might seem promising to you at first glance.

Analyze chess games on the Lichess App5 Ways To Use Lichess For Chess Improvement

In order to improve in chess, it is important to analyze all the games you play. If you don’t analyze your games, you won’t take notice of all the mistakes you repeatedly make. By regularly checking the games you played, you’ll get great insights into your own decision-making progress.

Only if you carefully check your games, can you detect your weaknesses and eliminate them by working on them seriously. Most importantly, the actual analysis of a game takes time. Just looking at the engine’s evaluation is not analyzing your games! This turns out to be a bad habit of many chess players and you should avoid it. Think first, let the machine think later!

Lichess is a fantastic go-to spot for online chess analysis. The website’s analysis page provides you with a chessboard on which you can make moves or import games from your computer. The Lichess analysis page enables you to draw colored arrows and highlight key squares and chess pieces.  At any moment you can see analysis from a chess engine (you can also turn this off in your settings if you prefer!) which analyses the best moves and shows the top three lines.

Find the Best Chess Coaches on Lichess5 Ways To Use Lichess For Chess Improvement

Another way to use Lichess for chess improvement is to use the website’s tool to find personal chess coaches. Lichess offers you a list of the best online chess coaches. All of the players in the list have great chess skills and a solid experience with teaching.

The list includes big names like IM Lawrence Trent, IM Valeri Lilov, GM Eugene Perelshteyn, GM Niclas Huschenbeth, IM Christof Sielecki, GM Yuri Vovk, GM Vallejo Pons. You can see the hourly rate, the languages and the availability of each chess coach in the list. You can also click on each name to get a lot more information on the player’s playing experience, teaching experience, best skills and teaching methodology.

Watch Chess Videos and Chess Courses on the Lichess App5 Ways To Use Lichess For Chess Improvement

Chess videos are an excellent training tool. First of all, they provide you with a huge amount of well-chosen topics and exercises which you can use as your chess training material. Secondly, different strong chess masters provide you with great insights into their approach to the game of chess. This helps to widen your horizons and collect useful ideas for your own chess improvement strategy. Thirdly, compared to the hourly rate of a personal chess teacher, chess videos and chess courses offer an unbeatable price to performance ratio for Grandmaster level one-on-one chess instruction.

Lichess is one of the chess training websites which offer you plenty of chess videos and chess courses where great masters of the game talk about openings, middlegames, endgames and a lot more.

Conclusion – 5 Ways To Use Lichess Analysis and Practice Tools for Chess Improvement

Simply put, Lichess as a chess training website has a great supply of instructive chess material and is worth visiting. You can use Lichess for chess improvement in various ways and the 5 ways to use Lichess for chess improvement presented in this article will surely give you the impulse to see how it can help you!

5 Ways To Use Lichess For Chess Improvement
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  1. Neil Subes says:

    I am very displeased with the new set-up/program lichess has presented. I used to be able to play 15+15 classic; that option no longer exists. Disappointing. It seems that the pace of the game has changed. Also not enjoyable. Plus why weren’t our previous ratings applied to the new format. I am playing at least 3 years, and I have to go back to being a provisional player.
    As someone who enjoys playing chess, please address these concerns.
    Thank you.

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