Kasparov’s Positional Masterpiece by GM Damian Lemos

Kasparov’s Positional Masterpiece

Garry Kasparov is very well-known as an attacking genious. But, to be a World Champion, Garry had to master every single aspect of chess.

In this free preview of the brand new Positional Chess Masterclass, GM Damian Lemos will dive deep into the most incredible Kasparov’s positional masterpiece ever. Kasparov crushed one of the best defensive player in history, former World Champion Tigran Petrosian, in only 24 moves!

How to achieve such an acomplishment? Kasparov just built up his position until Petrosian can hardly move.

In this free preview, GM Lemos analyzes 3 important topics in chess, that every chess player should know:

  1. How to improve your position with simple moves.
  2. How to prevent your opponent to finish his development.
  3. How to convert a winning position into a full point.

Let’s look at the next position where the second point is very relevant: Kasparov

Here, White is already strategically winning. Why? Because Black can’t finish his development!

The powerful Bg2 is a real monster, and moves like 14…Bd7 are answered with 15.Rc7! (even better than 15.Bxb7), winning material. What can Black play?

In the game, Petrosian sacrifice a pawn with 14…Nd5, to activate the sleeping Bc8, but White didn’t give him the chance. He simply followed with 15.Rfd1, when 15…Bd7? 16.Nxd7 Qxd7 17.e4! wins a piece.

But you have to watch the full free preview to discover how Kasparov achieve such a positional bind and how he used his advantage to win in only ten moves!

If you want to expand your knowledge with more insight like this, you should definetely check the new Positional Chess Masterclass. GM Damian Lemos analyses 15 more positional masterpieces on how you can build winning positions, move by move, without our opponent having to make a tactical mistake!

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