How to get better at chess calculation

When most people think about chess calculation they think of tactics, combinations or sacrifices that either win material or deliver mate.

However, we also need strong calculation skills to work out the best move orders in the opening and who is going to force who into zugzwang in a King and pawn ending. Chess calculation requires the ability to see a number of moves ahead, spot all the possibilities for both sides and choose from all the lines you’ve looked at.

In short, it’s a very important skill but don’t worry if it’s not your strong point as there are ways to get better at chess calculation and GM Roman Dzindzichashvili teaches them in his course “Improve Your Ability to Calculate Variations“.

Dzindzi trains you to use the results from calculating one variation to speed up calculation of the rest, how to eliminate possible candidate moves early on and how visualizing an end position helps you find the route there.

In this preview, Roman examines 2 tricky King and pawn endgames. These endings are excellent for calculation training because 95% of the time they can be worked out right to the end. In the first position, White’s King is trapped in the corner and he must find a way to draw. In the second, White is a pawn down with no chance of catching Black’s 2 passed pawns but there is a clever way to win.

Enjoy the preview and check out the full course here.


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