Free Online Chess Websites Certain To Improve Your Game

These are the some of the best free online chess sites to learn:

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Free online chess websites are great at getting you started and for helping you improve in chess.

They also help a lot by saving you money. The money you can invest in further training or coaching.

Two elderly gentlemen playing chess outdoors. It's never too late to learn to play chess and free online chess websites make it easier than ever
It’s never too late to learn to play chess and free online chess websites make it easier than ever.

One of the most important things you need to have in a chess game is a plan. This applies to your chess studies too. Avoid online distractions by creating a study plan before opening your browser.

These websites offer a range of information suitable to beginners and stronger players. Two of them will get your chess adventure started.

The third website will allow you to practice what you have learned because applying knowledge is what leads to wisdom.

In addition to these free online chess websites


be sure to visit the free websites mentioned in this informative post:

The 4 FREE Chess Training Websites you MUST know about

In total, you will have seven great websites to visit in your quest for learning and improving in chess.

Here is a preview of what you can learn in GM Damian Lemos’ “Absolute Beginners Course”.

GM Damian Lemos has produced an incredible course to help beginners improve rapidly. Covering subjects like development, tactics, basic checkmates and more.

A beginner might set learning how the pieces move as their goal for the first lesson. The second lesson could be to learn about check and checkmate.

You might even use the guides on these free online chess websites to help you. When your lesson comes to an end you could make a note of the title for the next lesson. This will help you keep your place and act as a reminder about what you are learning next.

No matter what level you are at the most important rule to keep in mind is to have fun. Never sit down to play, over the board or online, if you don’t think you will have fun.

The best way to improve in chess is to have a blast while doing it!

You needn’t fear having to pay at Their stated mission is to make a good, quality chess website available to everybody for free. Numerous titled players have accounts here.

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Some free online chess websites limit the number of puzzles you can do daily without upgrading to a paid account. Here, at, you can practice your tactics with unlimited puzzles.

Along with tactical puzzles there are numerous opportunities to practice your checkmate skills. One thing that must be remembered is checkmate ends the game.

There is also no limit, apart from how much time you have, or the number of videos you can watch. You have access to a selection of 1489 videos which includes one titled “Learn How To Play Chess in 10 Minutes”.

On this website, you will also find many studies created by members. A study is a way to share games with others and chess knowledge too.

Although studies get created by members keep in mind that there are numerous titled players. You will find some created by national masters and international masters among others. Yes, all for free.

Take a look a this great study on five gambits. You can view the other gambits by clicking on the down arrow beneath the board.

Another key point is you can ask questions in the forums. There are always people willing to help share tips on how you can improve in chess.

Practice Makes Perfect

Besides all of these learning tools on the same website you also get to practice what you learn by playing against others. You can play blitz, rapid and correspondence games against people of a similar playing strength.

Furthermore, there is free computer analysis available to help you improve in chess. Be sure to make use of the forums to learn why the computer suggested a move because deepening your understanding is crucial.

The Anna Rudolf Method – Smash The Barriers To Your Chess Success – Get 50% OFF!

The Anna Rudolf Method – Smash The Barriers To Your Chess Success!
This exceptional course covers all the essential topics you need to become a strong chess player and step up your game from a beginner level.

There is a wealth of tools and wisdom available to help you improve at You’ll also become part of a vibrant, helpful, supportive chess community too.

Chess Lessons For Beginners

This is a free online chess website although as you progress beyond beginner level you are likely to come across a request for a small donation to support the website creator.

You don’t have to give a donation to continue learning from the information shared on this website.

The website does have one or two technical flaws but these do not impact on the chess wisdom shared. I came across a link to a page under construction.

As the name suggests this is a chess website with lessons for beginners but it’s important to realize there are lessons that will take you beyond the beginner level.

What The Website Offers

There is a custom chess training plan for beginners to follow that starts with the rules. At the end of a tutorial there is an exercise to test your knowledge.

Two really nice features are the lengthy explanations about the different subjects being discussed and the reminders to cover a certain subject. For example at the start of Lesson 2: How The Pieces Move – The Pawns there is a reminder to read the page covering general rules about how the pieces move.

A very useful feature is the Site Map page where you can see exactly what topics are covered if you want to focus on a particular lesson. There is also a very useful quick reference guide.

The lessons start with stuff to consider before you make a move and continue with how the pieces move, their value, attack and threat, and the rules. Lessons 1-6 cover these subjects.

Lesson 7 covers the three game phases – opening, middlegame and endgame. Lesson 8 is about checkmate and lesson 9 covers basic tactics.

You will certainly get a very good grounding if you work through all the lessons here. The advice is sound and very detailed. I particularly like the fact the explanations are very easy to understand.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before lessons 10 and 11 are posted to the website but you have plenty of lessons to work through now.

Chess Strategy Online

This website, like, offers free access to the information without the need to create an account and log in at every visit. There are very few free online chess websites set-up this way.

There is also a list of the 10 best places to play chess online as well.

Two sections make up the beginner tutorials. Fifteen parts comprise these two sections providing a good deal of information.

What The Website Offers

Section one starts with an introduction to chess before covering the pieces, castling, en passant, draws, castling and checkmate.

In section two you will learn how to read and write chess moves. Also covered are the value of the pieces and the phases of the game.

Six sections totaling thirty-three parts make up the novice tutorials. The subjects covered include developing a sense of danger, basic checkmates, the opening, the endgame, and introductions to chess tactics and strategy.

All the subjects get good coverage in a language aimed at the intended audience. For instance, the opening in the novice tutorial has less analysis than the intermediate tutorial.

There is only one section in the intermediate tutorials which is an introduction to chess openings. The four openings covered are the Ruy Lopez, the Italian Game, the Open Sicilian, and the anti-Sicilians.

Young ldy playing chess. Free online chess websites are making chess available to more people.
Free online chess websites are making chess available to more people.

The very well covered subjects are written plainly enough for the target audience. These tutorials could prove a useful reminder to a lot of stronger players. For example, there is a reminder that loose pieces drop off.

Starting your journey at and continuing it here, at, will provide you with a solid base.

Final Thoughts About Free Online Chess Websites

Although it offers limited benefits to free accounts is a premier online chess website. You will have access to the forums and blogs too.

The daily limit of five tactical puzzles could prove a blessing. This will prevent you from being tempted to work on your tactical skills for hours in your enthusiasm.

There is a wealth of good quality information available at these free online chess websites. Additionally, if you are prepared to put in some work you will find lots of support available.

Please keep in mind there is a reason why people invest money in chess instruction, books, video courses, and paid memberships. However, these free online chess websites provide more than enough information to get you started.

You might find you don’t want to be competitive but would rather keep the games social. In this instance, the websites mentioned here, and the free videos on YouTube will prove sufficient.

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