Introducing The iChess Club – An Entirely New Concept

Become an iChess Club member and get access to exclusive chess training and a whole lot more!

We’ve launched, a premium membership for our top fans and customers that gives you tons of exclusive chess training and benefits such as:

  • 40% off all items in our shop, anytime
  • Exclusive premium videos just for our fans (we’ll be releasing a dozen+ a month)
  • Free shipping for those of you who like physical DVDs
  • 5% additional discount for products on sale
  • Sale extender allowing you to check out with a sale product for up to 30 days after a sale has ended!
  • $19.97 in store credit at sign up!
  • An additional $19.97 in store credit each month you renew.
  • A 30+ minute preview of every single product in our shop (we’ll be live with that feature by next month, non-members will only see the first 3 minutes.)

You Get More Exclusive Chess Training for Less Than You’d Expect

All this for only $19.97 a month! We’ve been working on this video membership for a long time. We have to admit we were a bit inspired by Amazon Prime’s business model, consider it the Amazon Prime for the chess video world!

Yes, that’s right, you pay $19.97 to get $19.97 in store credit and if you’re not happy you can cancel at any time! You’ll continue getting $19.97 a month in store credit each month you renew so the membership pays itself! We’re hoping you’ll continue to be a member after the initial month but there isn’t any obligation. So click here to sign up now, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

While we have done extensive testing of our new premium membership, we’re still ironing out some small bugs, so once you sign up please bear with us if there are some small technical issues. If you see any problems regarding please email [email protected] and let us know!

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