Emory Tate: Brilliant and Hidden Jewels

Emory Tate: Brilliant and Hidden Jewels

The late Emory Tate was a great attacking player, with many brillant games and beautiful combination that were the joy of the public and Emory himself.

In this GM Larry Christiansen’s free preview of his acclaimed Mega Bundle Attacking Chess, we are shown one of his finest combinations and one of his most dazzling attacks.

First of all, Emery teach us how to build an attack with strong and forceful moves. And then, he shows us that to giving mate it’s not so important the material!

Take this position as a clear example: (diagram on the right) Tate

Here, White can recover his piece with 22.Rxa4. But, after 22…Bxg5 Black would have a good position. So, Tate went for the jugular with 22.Qh5! Nab6 23.Rh3! Nf8 24.f6!

After 24…Nxd5 25.fxg7! Kxg7 26.Bb2+ Kg8, another critical position arise (diagram on the left).Tate

White had to anticipate the winning move before 22.Qh5! Can you discover it? White to play and win! Solution at the end.

Christiansen commentaries of this game make the video a must-view to understand how to attack in the Sicilian defense. He goes through all the important variations to incorporate the typical sacrifices that you should know if you wan to play 1.e4.

And Tate’s sacrifices against the enemy king’s castle will train you in high-level attacking chess and calculation!

If you want to be a wild attacking player, or you want to improve in calculation, then the Attacking Chess Mega Bundle – GM Larry Christiansen is what you need! Click here to obtain it and start winning spectacular games!

Solution: In the second diagram, White wins on the spot with 27.g6!!, as this pawn can’t be taken. If you don’t understand why, then GM Christiansen will show you all the variations in the video!


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