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Every chess player soon learns that attacking is easier than defending in chess. Aimchess makes learning how to defend in chess much more enjoyable than in the past.

We cannot regard ourselves as strong or complete chess players if we cannot defend in chess. Nobody expects to go through their entire chess career without making a mistake.

The biggest question that needs answering is not if you will make a mistake but how will you respond?

If one of your strengths is knowing how to defend in chess, you can win games by frustrating your opponent. Fortunately, as Aimchess demonstrates, you can learn to defend in chess.

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Visualization Helps You Defend in Chess

When you are attacking, you can use your intuition in chess, but it is your calculation skills you rely on most when forced to defend in chess. Being able to visualize positions correctly is an essential skill for successful calculation.

When practicing, you can play out variations on a chess board at home. However, moving the pieces around during a game to see if a line works will not go down well with your opponent.

Unless you have good visualization skills, you will miss a vital tactic. Seeing the final position at the end of your calculation is critical.

That is why, with Aimchess, you can work on improving your visualization skills.

One excellent technique to improve your visualization is to look at a diagram in a chess book and try to memorize the position. Close the book or turn away from the screen and see how close you get to remembering where all the pieces go.

Endgame positions make this easier because there are fewer pieces than middlegame positions.

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Practice How to Defend in Chess

The more often you find yourself in a position where you need to defend, the better you will defend in chess.

That is why during your training at Aimchess, you will find yourself practicing positions requiring careful defense.

learn how to defend in chess with the excellent training exercises at

One of the keys to doing well in chess is confidence. Working through the exercises at Aimchess will give you greater confidence in your playing skills.

Defending a position on the board becomes much easier if you can treat it like a practice exercise and know you have developed the skills to defend in chess.

Being able to spot a mistake will make your defense easier. By getting better at recognizing your opponent’s mistakes, you can switch from passive defense to counter-attack!

The time you spend learning to defend in chess will also help your attacking play. Knowing the components of solid defense will help you spot weaknesses in your opponent’s position.

For example, if you know how valuable a knight on f3 or f6 is in defending the castled king, you will look for opportunities to attack if your opponent moves the knight away. Recognizing key defenders will help your attack because you will know which exchanges favor you.

In Conclusion

Of course, at Aimchess, there are training exercises to teach you much more than how to defend in chess. These exercises get created from positions in your games and target areas specific to you.

The training at Aimchess is the ultimate in customized training. You will know that the improvements you make will help you in your games.

Don’t waste any more time. Head over to Aimchess and begin your personalized training regimen now!

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