The Closed Sicilian – Beginner Chess Openings (Analysis by FM Galofre)

The Closed Sicilian
The Closed Sicilian

In this video, my good friend Charles Galofre does a guest video explaining the closed Sicilian. The Closed Sicilian is a perfect system for players wishing to have an competitive approach to attack the Sicilian yet possess neither enough time or the actual propensity to discover the apparently limitless mountains of opening theory connected with Open Sicilians. Inside the Closed Sicilian a preliminary understanding of the standard themes can appear far more important than memorising variants. White’s play is definitely rational and The Closed Sicilian principal line is 1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.g3 g6 4.Bg2 Bg7 5.d3 d6. The following has been an intermittent firearm of Spassky’s in the course of his career. White expands on the kingside without having to open a central front as in the open variations. Black has little theoretical challenges when it comes to equalizing, nevertheless White frequently gets attacking chances towards an unwary opponent In the video we talk about the different mainlines, which can be found on whites move six, either f4 or Be3. Both lead to active play for white and pretty straighforward. Any one of average level can assimilate the main ideas and play the opening with ease. Included in the video is the main line trap where white loses his queen when he goes for a straight kingside attack against black. This is a great system to become acquainted with, and heres an introductory video to help you get started.

The Closed Sicilian FM Charles Galofre is a leading expert in the field of competitive chess. He maintains a blog and a YouTube channel


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2 comments on “The Closed Sicilian – Beginner Chess Openings (Analysis by FM Galofre)

  1. Jagadish Dube. says:

    Very Good Article with Video .All Chess players should
    try the practical use.

    1. Fernando says:

      given any closed position I always have problems deciding which ( a, b, for black or g or h for white) pawn to push first when then have not been moved yet when both players castle king side and in the middle game. thx 4 the video

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