Chess Tactics and Strategy with GM Vishy Anand

Chess Tactics and Strategy with Vishy Anand
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Chess Tactics and Strategy with Vishy Anand

The chess market offers us uncountable different chess training DVD series all over the internet. Some of them feature Grandmasters or International Masters, others provide you with one-on-one instruction by strong chess coaches. Still, it becomes more and more difficult to figure out which courses are worth watching and which are not.

Numerous chess players endure the frustrating experience of wasting valuable chess study time on inefficient chess training series.

But why shouldn’t we learn from the very best chess players in the world? Isn’t their chess understanding much deeper than that of an average grandmaster? Don’t they know what really counts to fight your way up? Aren’t they the ones who can skyrocket your progress in chess?

Hence, we want to make you familiar with a chess DVD by one of the greatest chess players in history – Vishy Anand.

He recorded a chess DVD for chess24 which not only provides you with a fascinating insight into the thought processes of one of the best players of all time but also helps you to improve on almost all areas of the game. In almost 4 hours of chess training former World Chess Champion Vishy Anand tells you how he approaches all the different areas of the game.

Improve your chess by learning to recognize and exploit recurring ideas on chess tactics and strategy while also enjoying the games of one of the best players in chess history.

Watching this chess DVD definitely brings you one step closer to become a strong chess player.

Let’s take a little look inside:

Chess Tactics with Vishy Anand – King huntsChess Tactics and Strategy with Vishy Anand

In our free preview video, Vishy Anand shows some memorable mating attacks from his games.

Leon Masters 2011: Anand, Vishy – Shirov, Alexei Chess Tactics and Strategy with Vishy Anand

Let’s take a look at our first example (see the diagram on the right). Black’s king is not on a safe place in the middle of the board, but there are numerous pieces defending the king. The only piece which does not participate in the attack is Vishy Anand’s bishop.

1.Rxe5! Vishy eliminates an important defending piece. After 1…Qxe5 (Black has to take back), he simply plays 2.Bg4+ (see the diagram on the left), bringing his light-squared bishop into the attack.

Black can’t step back to e7 with his king as he needs to defend his queen. The only way to stop the check is to take on g4 with the rook – 2…Rxg4. It turns out, however, that the rook was overloaded as it was defending the 8th-rank. 3.Qe8 is mate – a simple solution by Anand in a complex position.

Munich 1994: Anand, Vishy – Leko, Peter Chess Tactics and Strategy with Vishy Anand 

Here’s one more of Anand’s stunning combinations (see the diagram on the right). Black is a pawn up but all of his pieces are on passive squares and his king is weak. Anand is ready for the final blow. Chess Tactics and Strategy with Vishy AnandCan you spot the winning move for White in this position?

1.Rxe7! Rxe7 (Black has to take back, otherwise he’d simply loose his bishop) 2.Rxe7 Kxe7 3.Nd5+ Ke6 (see the diagram on the left). Black has no choice. The king has to defend the queen.

But now Anand drives the Black king even further into in the middle of the board – 4.Nc7+ Ke5 (forced – the king has to protect the queen) 5.Qd5 mate.

These were only two out of many breathtaking examples on chess tactics and strategy from Anand’s chess DVD. Click here and grab a copy of almost 4 hours one-on-one instruction with one of the world’s best chess players for an unbeatable prize.


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