Chess Endgame Domination with GM Max Dlugy


Players such as Capablanca and Magnus Carlsen are famous for winning endgames that look drawn to mere mortals (and other Grandmasters!). Let GM Max Dlugy – a former World Junior Champion – show you some of the secrets of endgame strategy in this preview of his new DVD “Chess Endgame Domination”.

In a position that looks more or less level to start with, GM Dlugy demonstrates how to use the advantage of the 2 Bishops and a misplaced piece of the opponents to control more space and dictate play.

With an explanation of when and why it is beneficial to exchange a pair of Rooks, GM Dlugy does this on his terms before tying his opponent down to the defence of his pieces. This allows him to choose the perfect moment to simplify into a won Rook and Pawn endgame which he finishes with instructive precision.

Mastering endgame strategy is one of the most rewarding pursuits in your chess training. Not only does it teach you the power (and weaknesses) of the pieces at a subtle level, it also greatly improves your ability to plan and calculate. Of course, this will also improve your middlegame play.

If you didn’t think chess endgames were fun before, you soon will!

Enjoy this video and remember to check out the DVD!


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