Fight against the solid Caro-Kann opening with the Caro Krusher – GM Nigel Davies

Nigel DaviesTired of playing against the solid Caro-Kann? Use the Caro Krusher!

In the video “Caro Krusher” by GM Nigel Davies, we see a way to fight against the solid Caro-Kann opening that Black can employ against 1. e4.

The “Caro Krusher” opening starts off with the moves 1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.f3! This is a very strong attacking opening played by aggressive Grandmasters such as David Bronstein, Joe Gallagher and Julian Hodgson. Previously known as the “Fantasy Variation,” this set-up steers the game away from solid, safe waters and into a tactical melee from the third move.

Nigel begins the video by describing the different moves that Black can play after 3. f3. These include 3…e5, e6, g6 and Nf6. With each of Black’s replies, he then explains how White can set up his pieces in an aggressive manner and turn the game in a complicated direction. This is something that most Caro-Kann players will not be prepared to deal with.

How can White win with aggressive attacks against the solid Caro-Kann? What positions should White aim for and how can he achieve them? Watch the video to find out!


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