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Can Kasparov Still Compete? Let us Know!

Did you hear?

Garry Kasparov is coming back to chess!



The 13th world champion retired from chess in 2005, but it has been pretty clear from his writing and commentating that he misses the game…BADLY!

He returned last year for a blitz tournament with the likes of Caruana, So and Nakamura and did pretty well for a guy who hasn’t played for 11 years!





His next event will not only be blitz, but also rapid at the St Louis leg of the Grand Prix which begins in August.

He’ll be against the likes of Caruana, Aronian, Karjakin, Nakamura and Le Quang! Wow! That’s a serious field.
What’s your prediction? Let us know!


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Last Week’s Puzzle Solution:

Rxa3Mikenas vs Bronstein – 1965

(Black to Move) SOLUTION

In the diagrammed position, Bronstein played the spectacular 1…Rxa3!! – taking a pawn which was defended by THREE pieces!

Amazingly, it is white who must resign…

If 2. bxa3 Qxa1+ 3.Qd1 Re1+! wins.

If 2.Q (or R)xa3 Qe1+ wins.


What an amazing move!


Puzzle of the Week:



d’Orvill – 1842

(White to Move)

This position is a mate in 5 that is difficult…VERY difficult.

Refuse the temptation to check the solution with an engine and give the puzzle 20 minutes to an hour.

Over the board analysis!



FEN: 1R6/2p5/p1K5/k7/8/1P6/2P5/8 w – – 0 1


Not only will you greatly improve your analytical skills, but you’ll be delighted when you stumble upon the solution.

Good luck – I’ll see you next week.


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