The Best Next Chess Move Websites

We already rounded up the best websites for playing chess online. Playing chess online is one thing… but playing it well enough to feel confident across the board from a computer is something else. So here’s a list of websites that can tell you the best next chess move in every position. Studying their suggestions is a great way to improve your game at every skill level.

Because each site will appeal to different tastes, we’ve included a rundown of their various features.

The Best Next Chess Move Websites

Note: if you’re still learning the absolute basics of chess, this article isn’t for you, but this one is.

1. The Next Chess Move Calculator for Experts and Intermediate Players Who Like Minimalism: Next Chess Move

If what you want from a next chess move calculator is an ultra-strong computer fronted with a simple chessboard on a white background, this is the website for you.

The Best Next Chess Move Websites

The basic functions will suggest chess moves that most chess players will have plenty to learn from. But there’s more to this website than meets the eye at first glance. You can upload games , and also download boards as FENs. A paid plan is also available, which gives you access to the Stockfish 10 engine.

How strong is the pro version? Let’s put it this way. Decades ago, Deep Blue beat Kasparov. Stockfish 10 would send Deep Blue to the scrap heap.

Plus, it’s got apps for Android and Apple, so you can take it in your pocket wherever you go.


  • A good stock of tools
  • App versions for Android and Apple
  • A very porful engine with the paid plan


  • Some features can only be accessed in the paid plan
  • A slightly stomach-turning yellow and green board

2. The Best Next Chess Move Calculator for Beginners: Chess Next Move

If your eyes ache after staring at chessboards with strange colors, you’ll appreciate this website. The pleasant design means that some will prefer it for long-term studying of chess online. It also has a more modern interface than the previous website.

The Best Next Chess Move Websites

Besides these superficial bonuses, the engine seems decent. Since there’s no information on the website about what the engine actually is, it’s probably safe to assume that it’s not the strongest out there. Still, it will be good enough for most players.

Another perk: the website includes a tab for chess puzzles. Every day, four new puzzles are released: two for beginners and two for intermediate players.

This is a good website for beginner to lower-intermediate players who want to make chess online practice part of their daily routine. Start your day with a simple chess puzzle, and review your games with the next chess move calculator. The fast load times and clean interface make this a smart choice for most players.

And the squares glow when you hover pieces over them! Who could resist?!


  • Clean design
  • Chess puzzles tab
  • Glowing squares
  • Suitable for beginners


  • No information about the creators or engine
  • Lack of tools
  • You can’t download or upload games

3. The Best Next Chess Move Calculator for Intermediate Players Who Want a Bit of Everything: Chess Hub

The best thing about this next chess move calculator is that it includes a drop-down menu with a library of openings. With just a click, you can open up a classic chess position and calculate subsequent moves. This is a fantastic tool for studying chess online. All that time wasted on copying and pasting FENs is behind you.

The Best Next Chess Move Websites

But entering FENs manually is also an option available here. There is also an option to save game positions. The website shares the simple design of, and while it’s not as pretty as that one, it has a reasonable host of tools that will satisfy most players.

A drawback that both these websites share is a lack of behind-the-scenes information. There’s no mention on Chess Hub about what engine is used to calculate the next moves. The creators are also anonymous. This might be a concern for some users since the website requires you to enter your email address in order to save your positions.


  • A few cool tools
  • Includes a library of openings
  • Can save your positions


  • Not for power users who want complex tools and analyses
  • No information about the engine or creators

4. The Best Next Chess Move Calculator for Beginner and Intermediate Players Who Don’t Like Computers: Decode Chess

The Best Next Chess Move Websites

Have you ever gotten frustrated because you couldn’t figure out why a computer suggested a move that seemed completely random?

Decode Chess might be your new hero. This calculator doesn’t just offer you next moves, it tells you why those moves are the right ones. From their website:

Powered by a unique XAI algorithm, DecodeChess is the first & only chess online analysis software that explains the recommended chess moves of a chess engine (Stockfish)

The concept stands out and the organization backs it up. The calculator gives you five key themes for analyzing every position that develops: threats, good moves, plans, functionality, and concepts. Even cooler: it adapts to your play style in order to create the impression of a “human” opponent.


  • The design makes every click satisfying
  • A reasonably strong engine
  • A unique approach to playing chess online


  • Some features are only available in the paid plan
  • Only for players below 2000 Elo

5. The Best Next Chess Move Calculator for Advanced Players Who Want Detailed Analyses: CPU Chess

The Best Next Chess Move Websites

It might take you a moment to adjust to the bare-bones look of this one, but there’s a snazzy beta version in the works. And when you get past that, there’s a lot of interesting features to thumb through.

The creators of CPU Chess aren’t shy about the power behind the board. The website lists no less than seven engines to choose from. The beta version will have even more options for playing chess online against powerful opponents. For this reason, it’s likely to satisfy advanced players who could find other engines too easy.

It also provides a variety of tools for both playing and analyzing your games. You can even “sleep” and watch the computer play against itself. A graph next the board helps you weigh the relative strengths of different moves. And of course, it also gives you the option to download FEN positions.


  • Multiple strong chess engines
  • Detailed analysis tools
  • Good for all levels
  • The beta version is easier on the eyes


  • An “HTML” appearance

6. An All-In-One Next Chess Move Calculator and Winner of Chess Online: Lichess

The Best Next Chess Move Websites is a world – a beautiful world that might be infinite. There are so many ways to benefit from it.

Among its countless features, it does have a next chess move calculator. With razor-fast load times, a modern design, a strong engine and a wide variety of tools for analyzing games, it’s a tough competitor for the #1 spot. Not only can you run engine analysis, but you can create and save studies to come back to later, and even share them with other people.

A pros and cons list isn’t necessary for this one, because it doesn’t have any cons worth the space. The only feature it’s missing is a chess calculator that can tell you “why,” and act like a human opponent. For that experience, you’ll need Decode Chess.

Is It Worth It to Use a Next Chess Move Calculator?

The answer is yes! Human coaches and courses are necessary if you really want to master the game. But these are low-effort and low (or no) cost calculators for evaluating your game on the fly. If you’ve just finished a tournament game, processing it through a new perspective while it’s still fresh in your mind is important, and this is the easiest way to do it. Since there’s a calculator to suit every personality and chess rating, you’re bound to find one that will be your go-to tool for taking your game to the next level.

But don’t forget to round out your chess study strategy with the wealth of resources we’ve collected for you. Take a look at the best chess openings, for example, or our guide to winning chess quickly. And if you really don’t like the idea of using a computer-based chess calculator, you could read out guide on how to turn yourself into a next move calculator instead!

If you want to start winning tournaments, being able to analyze your games is just one tool you’ll need to have in your arsenal. You need a highly refined skillset if you want to succeed, but getting the time to develop that skillset is tough for most people.

IM Belezky has the solution. His 4 hour Tournament Winner’s Toolbox, provides training on the 3 key areas that ambitious players should study: calculation, positional evaluation and developing your opening repertoire.

In his course you will learn how evaluate endgame positions using just 3 factors, an incredible time-saving device which can be used to assess middlegame to endgame transitions. IM Belezky also teaches you how to build a tournament-ready opening repertoire rapidly by modelling the play of top GMs. And you will learn his precision method for calculating just like a machine! Click here to get instant access with 50% off

We also forgot to mention Chessable also offers a service where you can ask about next chess moves from a master. It’s easy and we think you may find it useful.

One last thing: the iChess Club is a membership that offers chess lovers like you a wide variety of premium benefits. Check it out.

The Best Next Chess Move Websites

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