January’s Smoking Hot Chess Courses

januarys smoking hot chess courses

Curious to know what chess courses other chess players have chosen to get into fighting shape in 2021?

There’s no need to waste valuable time searching far and wide. We’ve compiled a handy list of our top 10 best selling courses of January.

Our January Top 10 Chess Courses

1) 80/20 Tactics Multiplier The London System – IM Eric Rosen

Rated an incredible 4.9 out of 5 stars it’s no surprise this course frequently appears on our Top 10 Best Sellers list.

Not only one of our most popular courses it’s also one of our best chess courses.

These are essential tactics you need to know whether you are playing or facing the London System. The popularity of this opening means you’re almost certain to come up against it.

And if you are one of the many chess players who play the London System with white, Eric will help you avoid missing a win!

The more tactics you know the more dangerous you are at the board.

“Great course! I follow Eric Rosen on YouTube and decided to buy his London System Course. I learned a ton of great tactics.” Etienne N. (Verified Buyer)

80/20 Tactics Multiplier The London System is our number 1 best seller for January 2021

2) Larsen’s Opening 1.b3 (Deep Dive Vol. 20)

The newest addition to the popular Deep Dive opening series. Larsen’s Opening took no time at all to make it on our Top 10 Best Sellers list.

Learn how to play the Larsen Opening
An opening that packs a powerful positional punch

This positional opening packs a surprising punch for your unwary opponents. Very few players are well-prepared to meet 1.b3.

Even fewer will know it’s a very dangerous opening.

Bent Larsen, after whom the opening is named, was regarded as one of the strongest players outside the Soviet Union, in the 1970s.

You can trust if this opening worked well for such a strong player it will serve you well.

GM Damian Lemos has fully modernized Larsen’s Opening in his Deep Dive course.

3.) Accelerate Your Chess – GM Simon Williams

This is another course that finds itself back on our Top 10 Best Sellers list. Deservedly so!

Want a course with essential training material that is all relevant to your chess improvement? This is the course you must have!

With over 20 years of coaching experience and a preference for taking short-cuts, you can trust the GingerGM to stay focused on the essentials.

accelerate your chess by the gingergm
This course will not only teach you a lot it will make what you learn stick

The Accelerate Your Chess course is aimed at not only improving your middlegame skills but your understanding of middlegame concepts too.

“Very good course. I appreciate how useful the course is and how a bit of humor makes it more pleasant to work through.” Matt P. (Verified Buyer)

4) The King’s Gambit – GM Marian Petrov

Everything happens fast in the King’s Gambit. This is literally a case of you snooze you lose!

There’s no time for a cat-nap so you’d best be well prepared if you choose this opening.

Fortunately, there’s nobody better than GM Marian Petrov to give you all the world-class instruction you need. Now you can enjoy coaching from the coach of Team Wales, at the 2016 Olympiad.

In this course on the King’s Gambit you will learn how to play

  • the Bishop’s Gambit (3.Bc4)
  • Classical Gambit (3.Nf3 g5)
  • and Fischer’s Defense (3.Nf3 d6)

The sidelines are covered too!

“sharp as it should be. If you like it sharp, then this is the right thing to look at… I play Kings Gambit regularly, whenever black plays e5 to my e4… almost always. I like it that way…doesn’t matter if I am outplayed. Of course, I like to win, but it’s a matter of beauty, playfulness, and ruthlessness… I like this course.” Vladimir D. (Verified buyer).

5.) The Anna Rudolf Method – IM Anna Rudolf

The Anna Rudolf Method – Smash The Barriers To Your Chess Success!
The Anna Rudolf Method – Smash The Barriers To Your Chess Success!

Beyond a doubt one of the best chess courses available to the club player who wants to improve their game. This course contains 15 hours of wisdom you can start applying to your game today!

IM Anna Rudolf is one of those rare strong players who can teach as well. She has worked hard to provide you with a deeper understanding of chess and techniques to help improve all areas of the game.

The course will help players of all playing strengths overcome any weaknesses in their game. What you learn here will serve you well as your rating soars!

“Fantastic! This course is a MUST HAVE for developing players who want a systematic approach to the fundamentals of good and effective chess play.” – Robert B. (Verified Buyer)

6) Pirc Defense Mastermind with IM Milovan Ratkovic

In this detailed course on the Pirc Defense, you will receive over 10 hours of instruction by an experienced chess coach.

The Pirc Defense is an attacking hypermodern defense for black against 1.e4. Many of your opponents will get caught unawares when you play the Pirc.

There is extensive coverage of the most dangerous options for white with no less than 4 chapters on the Austrian Attack.

Along with all the mainlines, there are two chapters devoted to the sidelines. A comprehensive course that covers all the bases.

“A good defense to add to your repertoire. This course is very good. Understandable. Well explained, well-structured.” Marco P. (Verified buyer)

7) The Short Way to Mastering Tactics – GM Nigel Short

GM Nigel Short has been playing for over five decades and has beaten every world champion from Karpov to Carlsen.

He is also the only Englishman to play for the world title when he played against Kasparov in 1993.

Improve your tactical skills
Improve your tactical skills and deepen your understanding of chess

In The Short Way to Mastering Tactics, you will learn how to create positions rich in tactics, calculate sacrifices, and navigate positions rich in tactics.

“The Nigel Method. Very well done by Nigel Short – good explanations and a focus on practical playing decision making and awareness.” Gordon M. (Verified Buyer)

8.) Empire Chess Mega Bundle

This is a collection of training videos that will help you improve your chess skills in all areas of the game. There is training in the openings, endgame, and middlegame for all skill levels.

Empire Chess Mega Bundle
Empire Chess Mega Bundle – 50% Off! Act now to save a bundle!

One of the advantages of purchasing a bundle is you are assured of getting good value because you will find something new to learn as you become a stronger chess player.

By purchasing a bundle of training videos you give yourself the option of focusing on the areas of your game that need help now. If you’re happy with your opening repertoire you can focus on improving your endgame skills today.

“Very helpful and well structured.” Barry L. (Verified Buyer)

9.) Anna’s Essential Endgame Course – IM Anna Rudolf

Yes, this one really is an essential endgame course! That’s why it’s one of our chess best sellers.

There is no better course to lay a solid foundation to build your endgame skills upon. Do you know how to deliver a checkmate with a bishop and knight? In this course, you will learn this essential method.

Along with essential checkmates, IM Anna Rudolf will teach you the skills you need for pawn endings, queen endgames, rook endgames, and minor piece endgames.

This course is more than just what to do in an endgame position. Anna includes numerous tips and tricks to help you remember key concepts.

It’s these little extras that help to leave you feeling like you had fun learning how to play the endgame much better.

Most club players neglect their endgame studies, few players do anything about it. Gaining an advantage over your opponents is a lot easier in the endgame than the opening nowadays.

10) Improve Your Positional Play, Part 1

Overwhelmed by all the material available to you about positional play? Feeling lost? Don’t know where to start?

Let four chess grandmasters help you learn about positional play in a systematic manner.

modern chess positional workshop
One of our best chess courses on positional play.

All the guesswork about how to improve is gone. This frees up your energy and allows you to concentrate on what’s important – the learning.

Included in Improve Your Positional Play Part 1 are lessons about

  • transforming the pawn structure,
  • the art of maneuvering,
  • exchanges
  • and thinking in priorities.

Improving your positional play will ensure you become a more complete chess player and formidable opponent.

Final Thoughts About our Best Chess Courses in January 2021

This list of our top ten best sellers has got our year off to a great start!

There are courses to improve your tactics, openings with both colors, plenty of middlegame courses, and an endgame course.

In short, we’ve got something for every area of your chess game.

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