Live Stream: Attacking Chess – GingerGM style! – GM Simon Williams [Wed 27 June 9am EST/ 2pm UK]

Attacking chess is what the GingerGM is all about! None of that slow, positional, defensive chess. Simon Williams takes no greater pleasure than launching crazy aggressive attacks at the opponent in true Mikhail Tal style, sacrificing pieces in the progress and throwing harry the h-pawn up the board!

So, who better than GM Simon Williams to talk about some of the keys behind a successful attack in chess, when it is the right time to attack, and talk through some of his favorite examples of successful chess attacks.

Attacking is a crucial aspect of chess. Even the most defensive players must at some point switch gears and go on the attack – the whole purpose of the game is to checkmate the opponent’s king, and you’ll never do that if you don’t push forward and go for the jugular.

Many club players or beginners often start a promising looking attack, putting their opponent under pressure, and potentially even sacrificing a piece to open up the king. You feel good, and in control, right up until your attack runs out of steam! Now, the opponent can push back – but your position is a mess and you’re down material!

In this live stream, you will learn:

  • How to make sure your attack doesn’t run out of steam
  • When is the best time to launch an attack in the first place

One key idea to keep in mind is that in general, you want at least 3 pieces in an attack in order to be successful. Watch the live stream where Simon will give his grandmaster-level tips on the most exciting part of chess!

Be sure to tune in to GM Simon Williams this Wednesday 27th June at 9am EST / 2pm UK time.

GingerGM’s Spicy Attacks and More

Live Stream: Attacking Chess – Gingergm Style! – Gm Simon Williams [wed 27 June 9am Est/ 2pm Uk]Want powerful attacking chess ideas? The GingerGM Simon Williams has them by the bucket load in “Spicy Attacks and More”.

If you want to become a master of attack, there’s no better mentor than Simon Williams. He lives by the sword, practices what he preaches and explains things with a rare clarity.

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2 comments on “Live Stream: Attacking Chess – GingerGM style! – GM Simon Williams [Wed 27 June 9am EST/ 2pm UK]

  1. rotten brainz says:

    after i watched this video, my games ended in the first 20 moves maximum, usually with me dieing. =)

  2. ayush gupta says:

    veyrg reat nes yaar mazaa aa gya great

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