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Nigel makes Short work of his opponent


What have we got for you this week?

ShortViagraLet’s start with a typically edgy quote from chess “naughty boy” Nigel Short, who, after winning his round two game at the recently started TePe Sigeman Chess Tournament, opened his mouth, and with the eloquence only a British gentleman could muster announced: “One doesn’t need viagra after a finish like this!

Well, that was unexpected!

Let’s find out what on earth got GM Short so excited, as to consider giving up his umm…vitamins?

It all began in his chaotic round two game, which began as a main-line Ruy Lopez opening and soon reached a position with a clear positional edge for Nigel.

Rather than passively defending, his opponent GM Erik Blomqvist decided to launch a counterattack, reaching the following position:ShortBlomq

Short vs Blomqvist – White to Move:

Can you find the continuation?

If not, don’t worry… just record the position, try to solve it over the board, and I’ll share the solution with you next week!

Free Video of the Week: Shirov Cooks up Fried Liver!

In this week’s free video you’ll discover the true reality that most chess openings aren’t bad, they just become unfashionable, as the top GMs copycat each other’s openings, and you and I follow along copying theirs!  

Pay attention as the ever creative Shirov rejects this trend, resurrecting one of the oldest chess openings on record, the Fried Liver, to deliver us a highly instructive attacking chess masterpiece!


Check out the entire video in the blog post here.

Enjoy! And keep an eye on your inbox for next week’s newsletter…

That’s right – we’re back baby!

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