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Wang Hao Destroys Caruana’s Slav – Play against the Slav Defense


Wang Hao Crushes Caruana’s Slav

Former #1 Chinese player Wang Hao has an extensive career winning many major tournaments. His theorical skills were so powerful that he even outperformed GM Fabiano Caruana!

In this free video, GM Benjamin commentates this exciting game, giving us a lesson of how to play against the Slav Defense. A major tip: focus in Black’s most vulnerable point, the b7-pawn.

In a topical line in the Slav Defense, Wang Hao chooses the most precise moves with 14.Bf4 and 15.Be5!, creating weaknesses in Black camp. The Bf8 have to move, so Caruana made a choice of giving the g7-pawn, that he later recover. But the real problem was that Black can’t castle anymore!

After a series of forced moves, the following position arise: Wang Hao

Here, Black was hoping to play …Nb4, with threats over the white King. For that reason, 22.Qxb7? was a terrible mistake. So, a logical move would be 22.Rhe1, but after 22…Qxf2 black maintains his threats, as 23.Rf1? Qe3+ can’t be taken seriously.

But the Chinese player played the strong 22.Rde1!, with the idea to answer 22…Qxf2? with 23.Rhf1! (now e3 is covered), with a devastating attack after 24.Qxb7, threatening the Ra6 and the f7-pawn.

So Caruana had to play 22…Qh5, and after 23.Qxb7 White is winning. However, the final sacrifice is worth to look at!

If you want to see this excellent performance, and understand every idea behind the moves, then watch Benjamin’s great video lesson!

Benjamin clear explanations will teach you why the masters decide on each move. And if you want to improve your level in every phase, then watching complete games with excellent analysis like the Benjamin’s ones is THE KEY!

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