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Mikhail Tal’s King Hunt!


Mikhail Tal’s King Hunt!

GM Larry Christiansen is well-known as being one of the greatest attacking geniuses of American chess. His lifelong quest to uncover the secrets of attacking chess has led him to analyze hundreds of the finest games – and he reveals everything in the enormous Attacking Chess Mega Bundle.

In this game, Larry shows us a lesser-known Tal masterpiece which features a killer line against the Najdorf variation.Mikhail Tal

In the following position (common theory), White can choose from many attacking variations: 10.Bd3, 10.e5, 10.g4, etc.

But Mikhail Tal, who loves to sacrifice, gave up his bishop with 10.Bxb5! (a novelty!), unleashing a huge attack, full of tactical motives.

But, after all, this bishop sacrifice is thematic in the Sicilian, and you perhaps have seen lots of games with the same idea. However, Tal’s relentless attack gave him the possibility of creating a little gem. Mikhail Tal king hunt

A few moves later, “Misha” continues his masterpiece in the position of the second diagram. Larry goes over all the most important variations in this sharp position, proving – and explaining why – Tal’s choice was best.

The World Champion played 15.Bxf6 gxf6 16.Rxd7!!, and the black king started to run a marathon that finished on the g1 square!

Clear explanations, a King hunt, lots of spectacular sacrifices and even a humorous final mate. What more can you ask for from a video lesson?

Larry breaks down some of the most critical lessons in attacking chess, teaching you the typical sacrifices in the Sicilian that you really should know if you play this defense (with either color!). Perhaps most important is how to push the enemy king all over the board, forcing him into your mating net and sealing a beautiful victory.

If you enjoy this free preview, you should seriously consider getting Larry’s massive Attacking Chess Mega Bundle, an in-depth examination of hundreds of the most powerful attacking ideas ever played!

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