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Beginner Chess Opening Traps by GM Susan Polgar

Susan Polgar

Susan PolgarMany beginner chess players feel lost in the opening and can easily fall into typical traps. In the following chess video, 5-time Olympic Chess Champion GM Susan Polgar reviews one of the most common traps seen at the beginner chess level – Scholar’s Mate! The Scholar’s Mate set-up with an early e4, Bc4, Qh5, and Qxf7# is not a good opening at all if black is paying attention and responds logically to white’s threats. However if you have never seen this chess opening trap before, you might be falling into a checkmate in the first 5 moves!! This chess video is an excerpt from the Susan Polgar chess DVD ¨Winning Chess the Easy Way, Learn How to Avoid Opening Traps and Pitfalls¨ and is a very effective review of how to effectively counter the sneaky Scholar’s Mate set-up.

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