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Most Exciting Chess Video Ever – GM Maurice Ashley at 1995 Intel Grand Prix

Piket vs Adams - Crazy Blitz Finish

Resilient Michael Adams and Brilliant Vishy Anand Dominate

Click to see the interactive chess board - Exciting Chess Video
Piket vs Adams - Crazy Blitz Finish - Exciting Chess Video

Piket vs Adams - Crazy Blitz Finish

Never Give Up – Mickey Adams Holds Difficult Draw! – Most Exciting Chess Video

In the above excerpt from the 1995 Intel Grand Prix in London, Michael Adams faced an extremely aggressive attack all over the board by a determined Jeroen Piket. The promotional video excerpt began around move 3 as Adams played very provocatively in the center. After 13. …Nb6?!, black experienced quite a bit of difficulty to the misplacement of this knight. As commented by GM King, the knight would have been much better placed on c5. With 19. Ne2! and 20. Nd4 Piket achieved a strong initiative in the center however Adams continued to stubbornly fight back with 23. …c5!? Piket sacrificed a pawn with 32. b6!? and 33. a6 to create a dangerous distraction against Adams’ loose defense, however the British GM held on and pushed back white’s attack – leading to a theoretical draw after 63. …Ne6+! 64. Kf5 Nxg5!

Click to see the interactive chess board - Exciting Chess Video

Aggressive Anand Builds Attack, Destroys All

The above video excerpt begins on move 38, in the middle of a very complicated struggle. Anand had just achieved a beneficial exchange of minor pieces to highlight the weakness of black’s king, however Dreev was stubbornly defending via his energetic counterplay on the queenside. Anand’s subtly brilliant play in this game is exactly what made him a 5+ time World Chess Champion. He senses the underlying qualities in a position to play the most exacting moves. In the forced sequence 39. Qh3 Rd7 40. d5! exd5 41. Qh7+ Anand dominated Dreev’s overstretched defenses to secure victory with combinative fireworks. At the end of this game, GM Maurice Ashley is guaranteed to get you amped up to start studying more chess.

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